Winning Strategies for Physical and Mental Health

Steve Adubato heads to MetLife Stadium for the Health & Fitness Expo to talk to NY Giants players and people from Hackensack Meridian Health about the importance and benefits of taking care of your physical and mental health.

9/5/18 #2165






"Hi, this is Steve Adubato. More importantly, we are at MetLife Stadium you can hear the music playing you can see the people behind me... this is the health and fitness expo. It's a sunny day, as the sun's coming out, if you don't mind, I'm gonna put my sunglasses on. In fact, we were able to talk to a whole range of folks who are here at the health and fitness expo. We talked to healthcare executives, executives... folks from the Giants, people who are participating... Why are you even here today? Why are people coming to this health and fitness expo at MetLife Stadium? Fitness, health, nutrition... also mental health... the whole question of how mental health fits into your overall game plan, if you will, for health, so... we're at MetLife Stadium, it's not only... listen, it's not only the Giants that are here, taking care of themselves, it's everybody else who cares about their own health, their fitness taking care of themselves... here at MetLife Stadium. We are here at Giants Stadium... actually, this is MetLife Stadium. This is the health and fitness expo. You got kids behind us, adults behind us, people trying to be healthy, take care of themselves... it is sunny and beautiful... so who do you want to talk to from the Giants? how about Mike Stevens who's a chief marketing officer and understands why this is such a special event Mike talk about it, buddy. We work very very hard to bring this event to the community free. And you know, that's really important for us. And it's really through partnerships... and if you really think about everything that we do... We are a partnership based organization, broadcast Partners, HealthCare partners... partners in all shapes and sizes, and it takes a lot, a lot of partnerships to make this event work, to get it to that level where we can bring it free to the public. WNBC, Quest Diagnostics, Hackensack Meridian Health, and dozens of other companies. So that we can open up this place and and bring this level of service to the public, free of charge. You know it's interesting Mike and I have talked over the years about a whole range of initiatives including the tackle kids cancer initiative. Eli Manning's been involved with that, together with the folks at Hackensack Meridian Health... but what I'm curious about is all these people are here... and I was seeing a lot of the spots with our partners, our colleagues in the media and WNBC in New York... what kind of folks you think are here today? Families. Lots and lots of different families. We do research of people..."