Investors Bank CEO Talks Higher Education and Scholarships

At the 2017 Montclair State University Annual Scholarship Dinner, Steve Adubato speaks with the CEO of Investors Bank, Kevin Cummings, about the importance of higher education and how a scholarship can change the projection of a student’s educational career.

5/13/17 #3005






"Steve Adubato here, Montclair State University. It is the Annual Scholarship Dinner here with our good friend Kevin Cummings from Investors. Listen, I know you're committed to scholarships. I know you're committed to higher education. Why tonight? Why this event? Well first off, Montclair's a great school and scholarships are needed. It changes kids' lives. It makes a difference to these kids and this is a great cause. Talk about higher education in your professional life and what it meant to you. Well, it was a game changer. Going to Middlebury, but then going to Rutgers for my MBA, it was affordable and commuting out to Newark everyday, taking the subway back to Jersey City, it was an opportunity. It changed my life. So, for these students tonight who are getting these scholarships, winning these scholarships, it could literally change the trajectory of their lives. Montclair has many great programs. The arts. It has a great business school education. Media? Right, and it's just a great place to come. It's a real great job, Susan Cole has done a fantastic job. Just look at this campus. It's fantastic. Finally, what would you say to all those who say "Eh, higher ed, I'm not sure it's for me. I'd like to be an entrepreneur. Go out on my own." They have a right to do that. It could work out. But you say? It's four years of development. You can still go out on your own, and you can still be an entrepreneur here. Dennis Bone runs a great program. Feliciano? Exactly, and Dennis is a great mentor. I'd say come here and be an entrepreneur. Thank you Kevin. God bless. Have a great night."