How Media Covers Voice Technology and Emerging Media

Steve Adubato goes on-location to the VOICE Summit at NJIT to sit down with Tom Bergeron, Editor & Chief Content Officer, ROI-NJ, to discuss the impact of the VOICE Summit on the Newark community and the challenges of covering voice technology and emerging media in the news.

11/9/19 #324






"I'm Steve Adubato, we are on the campus of NJIT in Newark New Jersey, for the second annual Voice Summit. That's right, the largest voice summit in the world. And a gentleman who actually wrote about this in his publication ROI, Return On Information New Jersey, is Tom Bergeron the editor. Tom, when I first read this article on the print side, many people read on the digital side as well... The Case for Voice... you were talking to Pete Erickson we check out all of our programs... Pete put this thing together. He's with Modev... 5,000 attendees here. A thousand students attending on scholarship. 400 speakers and panelists, 250 programs and panels, 125 sponsors, 25 countries represented... it goes on and on. How big a deal is this? This is a huge deal. It's a huge deal for Newark, it's a huge deal for New Jersey it... you can't underestimate how important this is and what it's become in just its second year. What could it mean? Break it down. Well, I'll give you three examples of why it's good. They talk about last year... Every hotel in the city sold out five million dollars of economic impact. Now, I don't know how you measure economic impact, but I know in when every hotel is sold, you got a lot of people here going to restaurants, going to bars, Ubers, whatever it is, it's bringing it here. Yeah. that was last year. This year is doubled in size. Next year could easily be doubled in size to that. So you have those numbers right there. Then you have number two... I'm at a table down there listening to the keynote today, this morning. The woman next to me... By the way, is that Isbitski? Isbitski, yeah. David isbitski. Who happens to be an NJIT grad. Yep. Right? Went to school in Newark. So who's at my table? Two people from Australia. Okay so what... Tell me one other event this century that's going to bring two people... They're not coming to newark any time soon? ... That come from Australia. And... But why does that matter? That people around the world come here? Here's why it matters, because they don't know Newark. they know what they see today, what they see this week. so if I'm an Australian company or I'm a German company, or I'm a company from anywhere and in the Soviet Russia... and it doesn't matter where you're coming from, this is your first look at Newark and all you're saying is "This is pretty cool". This is a high-tech city. First impressions matter. First impressions matter a lot right? So they come in they see all of the technology I have..."