Gone But Not Forgotten: Dr. Clem Price

In this special edition of One-on-One, Steve Adubato and his colleague Joanna Gagis, look at the extraordinary career of the late distinguished Rutgers University professor & historian, Dr. Clem Price.

10/24/16 #1852






"Hi, I'm Steve Adubato. Welcome to the Tisch WNET studio right here in Lincoln Center. It is my honor to introduce my colleague, Joanna Gagis, the host of Life and Living with Joanna Gagis on NJTV. We're not talking about that show today right? Not today, not today. This is a very interesting half hour. You're about to see. Joanna actually went into downtown Newark Brick City, for a very special event. It was called "If Not For Clem". Who is Clem? It's Doctor Clement Price, the late, great Doctor Clement Price. The event was dedicated to Doctor Price and it was held by the Newark Arts Council. That's right. Talk about it. Put on by the Newark Arts Council, it was a gathering of so many people who knew Clem, who were touched by Clem in so many different ways. I had the chance to talk to people from all facets of his life, his close friends, his wife. You know, his professional colleagues all of whom considered Clem a close friend and a mentor everyone who, I think, he knew or he touched in any way really considered him a mentor and Steve, I know you had a close relationship with Clem, and he had a relationship with the Caucus Educational Corporation. He was your mentor. Clem Price was a professor at Rutgers University in Newark. He founded an institute that was dedicated to bringing people together of all different races, cultural backgrounds, religion. Clem was the official historian of Newark, New Jersey. Anything you ever wanted to know about Newark, you'd go to Clem Price. Clem Price came from where he was, down in the south. Right after the Newark riots in the mid 1960's he came to Newark, Joanna. He came after the riots and said, "I'm living here" and then he brought others to the city of Newark. He galvanized a movement in Newark. He made people care about the brick city in a way that they wouldn't have if not for Clem and Steve. At that event, I had the chance to ask everyone, if not for Clem? and I'd like to ask you if not for Clem? If not for Clem, I would not listen. I'm born and raised in Newark, and I care about it in a very special way. If not for Clem, we would not have this series we do called ”Newark at a Crossroads”. If not for Clem, so many people who came to Newark and live in Newark that we wound up interviewing Joanna, for this series; that never would have happened. So for the next half hour you're gonna see my great colleague from public broadcasting, Joanna Gagis at this event that the Newark Arts Council put together..."