Asm. Jon Bramnick Talks NJ Transportation, Healthcare and Murphy

Assemblyman Jon Bramnick (R) – NJ, Assembly Republican Leader, and Steve Adubato talk about transportation issues in New Jersey, re-negotiating healthcare benefits, and his thoughts on the Murphy administration.

9/29/18 #222






"Back by popular demand, State of Affairs welcomes State Assemblyman Jon Bramnick. He's a Republican. He admits it. He's also the leader of the Republican Party in the State Assembly, serving for how long? 15 years. You are an attorney as well. You are also the only member of the State Legislature doing stand-up on a regular basis... stand-up comedy, correct? I'm the only one doing comedy outside of Trenton. [laughter] Would it work there? It's a good... is it a good audience? No. They don't get it? No. They're not that...? It's not a bunch of funny people. They're not...? No. Okay. Some of the legislation's funny, but... Okay, let's talk about not some... hey! This isn't funny. Steve Adubato here, more importantly, Jon Bramnick here. New Jersey Transit. People waiting for trains that don't come, people not told, "Hey that train's not coming!" People who are supposed to be the engineer... what are they called? Conductors, right? You can tell I haven't taken a train in a while. "Hey, we're not coming into work today." Crisis? Yeah it's a crisis because lack of information. The most important thing. People can take almost anything if they know what's happening. And with all due respect, the last seven or eight months, there's been no information. Look, if there's not gonna be a train, as long as I know the night before, I can make arrangements. But five minutes before it doesn't come? No good. Why do you think that happens? Well, a lot of reasons. I asked the director and I said, "What's the deal...?" Of New Jersey Transit? Yeah. I said, "What's the deal with the contract? You mean an engineer can just call up five minutes before and not show up because 'well, but... but...'?" I didn't get a real answer. But I'm afraid that the system is... there's not much notice needed when an engineer doesn't show up, and that's gotta be changed. By the way I want to clarify, is an engineer a conductor? No, I think with conductors, the fellow walks through the train. Okay. I got it. Alright. I think an engineer drives the train. I wouldn't bet my life on it, but I think so. I just want to clarify that. You got the wrong person to do the clarification. Show our ignorance, right here on public television! [laughter] How about this? Closer to home? Well, it's not closer to home, but it matters. There are... many have said, you've said it as well, "We don't get our fiscal house in order in the state of New Jersey, we don't get a second shot at this." Senate President Steve Sweeney actually will be joining us in the studio here at NJTV in..."